Online Marketing Strategy

Glowhorn® helps you to develop your best online marketing strategy for fast results and long-term ROI.

The majority of your online marketing success and ROI will be determined by four key leverage points. When developing your strategic plan, we focus on these“Big Four” leverage points (below).

Your Big Four Leverage Points


triangle fuschia

Deploying analytics and testing tools to continuously improve your insights and results


Triangle deep red

Building your online audience and attracting more qualified visitors to your website


Triangle orange

Optimizing your website to improve your conversion rate and capture more new leads


Triangle yellow orange

Leveraging marketing automation to efficiently nurture qualified leads into sales opportunities

Glowhorn measures and analyzes each of these four leverage points in the context of your current situation and goals. From there we develop your marketing plan based on what we learn. Our focus is always on providing you with both the best long-term planning and strategic advice, as well as best next action steps for quick wins. Our online marketing strategy engagements start with our Discovery process. Here we gain the strategic view of your business and collect the data we need to help you develop the best plan.

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