Lead Generation

Glowhorn® helps you develop your marketing funnel to attract more contacts, spot your best leads, and nurture them into new customers for your business.

We start at the top of the funnel, using inbound marketing and website optimization to build your qualified audience.

At the middle of the funnel we leverage content marketing and marketing automation to educate and nurture leads into sales-ready opportunities.

It’s here at the bottom of the funnel where your best opportunities are delivered to your sales team to convert into new customers.

online marketing lead generation funnel


Visitors & Contacts






Top of Funnel


  • Build a qualified web audience
  • Attract more visitors to your site
  • Convert more visitors into contacts


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • Gateway Offers

Middle of Funnel


  • Educate and engage contacts
  • Nurture qualified contacts into leads


  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurturing Content
  • Free Samples (product/service)

Bottom of Funnel


  • Spot sales-ready leads
  • Convert leads into paying customers


  • Lead Scoring
  • CRM

Glowhorn provides strategy and execution at all layers of your marketing funnel.

Our Funnel-Driven Lead Generation Services Include:

  • Inbound Marketing

    Strategic Blogging and Guest Blogging, SEO, Social Media

  • Website Optimization

    Testing and Analytics, Data-Driven Design and Copy Improvements

  • Gateway Offers

    Premium Content, Free Trials, Freemium Ramps

  • Marketing Content

    eBooks, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Infographics, Videos

  • Marketing Automation

    Email Drip Campaigns, Lead Nurturing Content, Lead Scoring

  • CRM Integration

    Lead to Opportunity, Customer Insight, Revenue Attribution

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