The 7 Types of Website About Pages

What type of About Page is best for your business website? Here are seven types of About Pages so you can pick the one that will work the best for you.

Your About Page should make a statement about you and your business. It’s human nature to ask, who’s behind these products? Who is generating this great content? Who am I doing business with on this site?

eecpa-website-02In today’s online and virtual world, we often do business with people we have never met in person. The days of going to the corner store or community hall to get information or products is long gone. We live in a world where we simply log on and gain instant access to the information we want about products and services.

This instant access creates an opportunity for you to develop an About Page that represents you and your business. At a basic level, all About Pages should do the following:

Your About Page Should

  • Set you apart from your competitors.
  • Tell a story.
  • Be in your voice.
  • Be straight-forward and easy to understand.
  • State your value proposition.
  • Speak directly to your persona (ideal customer).

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to decide what type of page you want to develop. There are seven types of About Pages.

The 7 Types of About Pages:

  1. Relational
  2. Employee Focused
  3. Testimonial Centric
  4. Change Maker
  5. Video
  6. Visually Stunning
  7. Milestone Highlights

It is okay to combine two or three of the types of About Pages to create something unique for you, as long as it speaks to your persona. For example, if your persona is Andy, the New American Farmer, and you are a family-owned agricultural feed business you may want to highlight the family members involved in the business. By doing so you can convey what the family members value as a way to relate to Andy. This example highlights the relational type of page. This type of page works for many different types of businesses and particularly well for family owned businesses.

Types of About Pages


Here is one of our favorite relational About Pages that we created for McKinley Mortgage. In addition to highlighting one of their values, trust, it shares family pictures. This page also highlights one of the basics of a strong page, it tells a story, the story of the Preston Family as it relates to the business.

The Employee Focused

Type number two, an Employee Focused About Page, can clearly articulate the company culture, brand or depth of staff experience. Few people are interested in working with a faceless and unrelatable business. By highlighting employees you can share the experience and knowledge of your talented staff. If you use your brand identity to frame how each staff member is highlighted, you will create a context for how each employee relates to your business. This means reflecting company values in biography write ups and sticking with brand colors in headshots.


Testimonial About Pages are straight-forward; they include several testimonials. Ideally, the testimonials are results orientated in nature and include specific and measurable results.

The Change Maker

Number three focuses on what you want to accomplish when your priority is to create change. If you focus on disrupting your industry, you can use your manifesto or theory of change on the About Page. If you are the owner and consider yourself to be having a significant and positive impact on the world then your About Page is an ideal location to tell your story of making change.

Changemaker pages tend to use jargon like collaboration, co-create, positive impact, change, social problem, innovative solution and more. This type of page tends to convey a sense of idealism and sense of making the world a better place through a combination of talent application, service, and action.


Video About Pages present information about the company using video. Once visitors click on the page they see a video. The best videos are relatable by showing actual people within the company. Unique videos share information that is memorable to the visitor. Videos should speak directly to your ideal customer, persona.

Visually Stunning

If you are in an industry that depends on visuals, especially illustrations, graphics or high-resolution photos, then your about page should be visually stunning. Visually stunning About Pages tell a story via a series of visuals with a common theme. A different take on a visually stunning page is to use a graphic, like an infographic, that explains the important information in one snap shot.


Building on the visual concept, when you want to quickly and concisely convey your accomplishments, you can focus only on milestones. Milestone pages create context by a timeline. They say, we did this, then this and this is when we did it. The emphasis is on what you think is important to the development of your company. The best Milestone About Pages focus on storytelling within the context of time. You might have one infographic that “says it all” on your Milestone About Page.

With seven different types of About Pages it is important to stick with the basics – tell a story, in your voice and incorporate your value proposition. Your About Page can easily be one of the most visited pages of your website. The most important aspect of any page is that it tells a story. Once you decide what story to tell, you can choose what type of page will best convey your story.