The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Websites that We Love

Every day we get dressed before we face the world. We pull on our pants, skirts and shirts. Meanwhile, our website has been working all night and will be working all day for us. Our website is doing its job, our website represents us, our products or our services to the world.

Sure we have done a few things to show our website love, but do we really love our website?

Your Website Should Look Great On Desktops, Laptops and Mobile

Your Website Should Look Great On Desktops, Laptops and Mobile


Here are our 7 Habits of Highly Effective Websites:

1. They Go Through Focused Discovery and Planning

This is where we start with our clients. How does your website fit into your business goals? What types of improvements would you like to see?

2. They Put the Customer First

A great way to put the customer first is to think and talk about your ideal customer as a persona.

You can download our persona document as part of this planning packet.

3. Offer Relevant and Engaging Content

Frequently asked questions are ideal for generating relevant website content. 

4. They Provide Enticing Gateways to More

See what I did in #2?

5. They Look Great On Desktops, Laptops and Mobile

We live in a world where some people sit at desks and most people are on the go. Everyone hates it when they are on their phone and can’t find something they know is on a website that they previously viewed on their desktop.

6. They’re Fast, Reliable and Secure

Does your website have enterprise grade hosting? It should.

7. They’re Continually Measured, Tested and Improved

Get the data on your website using google analytics or your favorite data tracking system.


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