How to Create A MailChimp Campaign

Mailchimp Logo

For those of you who own and operate a marketing or ecommerce website, it is certainly paramount you continue to nurture and engage with your customers to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Sending out email campaigns is a sure fire way to keep your user base in touch with your site’s content and/or promotions. While

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How to Write a Blog Post

Great Blog Post Checklist

Are you wondering how to write a blog post?  For effective blogging, these 8 simple steps should be followed for every post you publish to your online blog.  They’ve been proven to generate more traffic to your website, increase repeat traffic and sharing, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. 1. Customer Personas Who is your target audience? 

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Hosting your Lead Generating Website

Fast Web Hosting for Marketing Website

Enterprise Hosting is an important part of online marketing.  When business owners and marketing teams publish a new marketing website, it’s easy to get caught up with the design of the pages, because when it looks great, many people assume it really is great. Once the website is published, most business owners and marketing teams

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The 7 Types of Website About Pages

What type of About Page is best for your business website? Here are seven types of About Pages so you can pick the one that will work the best for you. Your About Page should make a statement about you and your business. It’s human nature to ask, who’s behind these products? Who is generating

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Website Metrics that Matter

Website metrics that matter start with the question, “What are your big wins?” Once you have established what you want to accomplish, it is time to create a dashboard to organize your metrics for regular review. The review process is critical for the continual measurement and improvement of your marketing strategy. As you move through

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A/B Testing Q & A

Today, our Project Manager, Shanon Solava, answers questions about A/B testing. What is A/B Testing? A/B Testing is comparing two versions of a website to each other to see which performs better. A specific section or component of the website is chosen to analyze. In other words, A/B testing is a data collection tool to

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Heroic Adventures in Web Analytics and Testing

How do you know your website is performing well for you? Are you estimating the number of visitors based on conversations that you have with people in person? We have a better way. Have you ever wondered, what is the conversation rate of my website? We have, and we can help you answer this question.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Websites that We Love

Every day we get dressed before we face the world. We pull on our pants, skirts and shirts. Meanwhile, our website has been working all night and will be working all day for us. Our website is doing its job, our website represents us, our products or our services to the world. Sure we have

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What is a Brand Guide?

Glowhorn® Website Planning Power Pack cover

A brand guide is your reference document for conveying your brand to the world. Your brand guide should contain: General Marketing Principles Brand Emotions Key Messages Logo Colors Fonts Imagery You should refer to your brand guide any time you create a new brand asset for any company marketing and operations channels. By consistently following

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How to Stake Your Claim in the Minds of Your Market

Let’s start with what is branding? Branding is where your practical promise and brand emotional connection meet. Here are a few brands, the company’s practical promise, and the related emotional connection: Brand Practical Promise Emotional Connection Apple Great Electronics Creativity, Individuality Disney Fun Entertainment Family Southwest Airlines Cheap Flights Fun Starbucks Good Coffee Community What

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