Heroic Adventures in Web Analytics and Testing


How do you know your website is performing well for you? Are you estimating the number of visitors based on conversations that you have with people in person? We have a better way. Have you ever wondered, what is the conversation rate of my website? We have, and we can help you answer this question.

Sure, you are a whiz at using Hubspot to email your latest and greatest campaign to your customers. And yes, your list is steadily growing but is your website converting the way you want it to convert?

Here are 6 questions to ask your website:

Question #1

Who is visiting my website?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, simply install Google Analytics for free. Don’t forget to use tracking tags.

Question #2

Where do I rank on Google for my target topics?

You can answer this question once you have deployed webmaster tools. These tools tell you everything you need to know in order to be and maintain a Google-friendly website. If you are wondering, what words are people searching to find my website, this is the tool for you.

Question #3

Once people find my site, how well does it convert visitors to leads?

This one takes a little planning. You need to develop website-specific conversion goals. Once you identify the goals you can configure google analytics to track the data based on your goals.

Question #4

Which offers on my website bring the most leads into my funnel?

Typically, businesses offer a few different offers but it can be difficult to compare which offer is the best. Google Analytics to the rescue! Track your offers by looking at distinctive Goal URLs and you will know what offers are attracting the most attention.

Question #5

What places around the web bring the most leads into my funnel?

Brick and mortar businesses can literally see where people are coming from before they enter the store. Google Analytics “Assisted Conversions” can tell you the same information for your website.

Question #6

What channels and offers provide the highest ROI dollar-for-dollar?

This question has an easy answer and advanced answer. The answer depends on what part of the funnel you are looking at for your answer. If you are looking at the top of your funnel, the easy answer can be found in Google Analytics under Goal Values. If you are looking at the bottom of the funnel you will need to have an integrated eCommerce or CRM system. Reports within your system can be set up so you can regularly check to see what is giving you the most “bang for your buck.”

Be your own hero, here is a handy list of questions to ask your website.

How many people visit my website?

How do they find me?

How well do my visitors convert into leads?

Which offers entice them the most?

Which channels/offers bring the most:





Where are my traffic / lead dollars best spent?

Answering the above questions on a regular basis will help you make data-driven decisions about conversation rates and more. You can be the hero of your website metrics!