Website Metrics that Matter

Website metrics that matter start with the question, “What are your big wins?” Once you have established what you want to accomplish, it is time to create a dashboard to organize your metrics for regular review. The review process is critical for the continual measurement and improvement of your marketing strategy. As you move through the three analytics levels you move closer to experiencing the benefits of advanced insights.

The Benefits of Advanced Insights are:

  • Easily spot your most qualified leads and nurture them into sales-ready opportunities
  • Know exactly which online channels drive the most ROI dollar-for-dollar
  • Understand which marketing offers bring the best leads into your funnel
  • Optimize the lead conversion rate on your website and leadpages
  • Improve effectiveness in free channels like organic SEO and social media
  • Lower your cost-per-lead for PPC and Paid Social campaigns
  • Make better and more confident data-driven business decisions

But it all starts with your big wins.

Your big wins might include:

  • Experiencing an increase in sales
  • Collecting contact information for your sales list
  • Gaining qualified leads
  • Sharing your high quality content to the most amount of people possible

Whatever the case, Glowhorn has three Analytics Insight Levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
Glowhorn Analytics Insight Levels

Glowhorn Analytics Insight Levels


Basic Level Metrics

The Basic Level includes metrics related to the number of visitors, the source of traffic and conversation rates. Let’s take a minute to think about the number of visitors to your website. Often people focus purely on the total number of visitors but it is better to ask, What is the size of your website audience? The size of your audience should focus on tracking the amount of unique visitors rather than the total number of visitors.

Four Types of Website Traffic Sources

Next you want to know where visitors are coming from, to your website. There are four types of website traffic sources:

  1. Direct – Visitor typed your domain in a browser
  2. Organic – Visitor typed your domain or keywords in a search engine
  3. Referral – Visitor clicked on something on one website that directed them to your site
  4. Social – Visitor reached your site via a social media outlet

 Conversation Rates

The final metric that matters is the conversion rate. Conversion rates track what you want people to accomplish on the website. For example, do you want people to make a purchase, enter information in a contact form or read content. The metric is how many people are taking the identified action. Measuring conversation rates leads into the intermediate level of Glowhorn’s Analytics Insite Levels and can go in many directions. 

Are you interested in learning more about your website and moving through Glowhorn’s Analytics Levels? Contact us about our Website Analytic Package.