6 eCommerce Marketing Strategy Tips

eCommerce Marketing New Product LaunchIn the hyper-competitive world of eCommerce, companies on page 1 of Google are making fortunes, while those on subsequent pages are fighting for scraps.  When it comes to eCommerce SEO, having the proper marketing strategy in place is essential for ongoing success.  A proper eCommerce marketing strategy includes a repeatable product launch checklist.  The following 6 eCommerce Marketing Strategy Tips should be included in your product launch checklist to ensure every new product you launch is optimized for success.

In this blog post, we’ll use our friends over at VAPEHAPPY  as a working example to demonstrate each of the tips and to show off what kind of results you can expect if you follow them.  VAPEHAPPY is in the online tobacco space, specifically vaping products, which is an ultra-competitive online market.  Let’s look at how their new Mage RTA product launch went as they followed these 6 tips…

Tip 1:  Write an eCommerce SEO Optimized Product Page

One of the most important things you can do is to write your product page in a way that is optimized for eCommerce.  As a marketer, eCommerce SEO best practices should include:

  • Using the product name (main keyword) in the headers (H1 and H2 tags)
  • Continuing to use the product name in a natural way, throughout the various sections
  • Uploading numerous high quality images, and using the product name in a descriptive way in the ALT text for each image
  • Including your product video

Take a look at the Mage RTA product page, and you’ll see this eCommerce marketing strategy in action.

Tip 2:  Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy Should Include a Supporting Blog Post

For a successful product launch, a multi-pronged eCommerce marketing approach is the only way to get page 1 results!  Therefore, it’s not enough to perform eCommerce SEO on your product page and stop there.  The smartest eCommerce marketers take advantage of ALL channels available, and that typically includes a blog.

Your new product blog post should follow blogging best practices.  Be sure to perform SEO optimization on the blog post, embed your product video, too, and of course, link back to your product page!

Here’s VAPEHAPPY’s blog post comparing the Mage RTA versus the Moonshot RTA.

Tip 3:  Product Video Reviews Boost Your eCommerce Marketing

Since you’re reading this blog post right now, you are a textual content consumer.  There’s some people out there that prefer consuming videos, while others may prefer podcasts or other content formats.  Your eCommerce strategy should certainly include broadcasting your marketing messages across multiple media formats to reach the widest audience.  Setting up a Youtube channel is fairly straightforward and can have a very positive impact on eCommerce SEO when the videos are done well.  You can see at the VAPEHAPPY Youtube channel some videos get in excess of 1 Million(!!!) views, with a certain percentage of those viewers clicking through to the website.

Tip 4:  Leverage Your eCommerce Homepage

eCommerce Marketing Strategy Includes Homepage Placement

Your homepage is usually the most visited page on your website, so it makes sense that a hot new product launch deserves some prime real estate there.  Many shops will show off their top products above the fold on the homepage.  After all, these are the best selling products for a reason (market demand!), so it makes sense to promote them because they’ve demonstrated they’re in high demand and consumers are purchasing them.  The best eCommerce marketers feed the winners and starve the losers, inventory permitting, so it’s important that every visitor to your homepage is made aware of this new product offering.

Tip 5:  The Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies Include 3rd Parties

Out of the 6 tips here, this is the only one that can sometimes be difficult, and naturally, it’s also the one that can payoff the biggest!  As a successful eCommerce marketer / business owner, you’ll need to establish relationships and partnerships with your vendors and various other key stakeholders in your business community.  By leveraging these relationships, the savvy eCommerce marketer will generate 3rd party reviews, back links, referrals and in general, marketing hype.

I’m not talking about some kind of backlink farming service from the 90’s.  I’m talking about real relationships that honestly take a good amount of effort to cultivate – but pay off big.  For example, you could:

  • Act as a contributing author to one of the leading authoritative websites in your industry and write a blog post about the new product launch.
  • Setup an Affiliate Marketing program and run new product launch promos through your affiliate network.
  • Receive 3rd party independent reviews from a trusted industry figure that link back to your product page.
  • Send an email blast to your partners’ email lists promoting your product launch
  • And a million others … be creative!  Be sure to reciprocate when possible.  The key here is to get legitimate eCommerce marketing on sites not owned by you.

When Rip Trippers did their Mage RTA Review and linked back to VAPEHAPPY the spike in traffic was impressive.  As a side note, you should know how to view and analyze custom Google Analytics traffic segments so you can analyze the behaviors of users from various 3rd party sources so that ultimately you know the value of traffic from one partner versus another.

Tip 6:  eCommerce Marketing via Email Blasts

Whether your list of customers and contacts is 2,000 or 200,000, making them aware of your new product launch is an essential part of your online eCommerce strategy.  These are people who have shown interest in your company, some of them have likely purchased products from you previously, so they represent the very best audience to receive your new product launch marketing message.  Some of them will purchase, some will share the promo with their friends via social media, and other may forward the email which leads to referral sales.  Email marketing is one of the core pillars of a successful eCommerce marketing strategy.  For tips on how to send great-performing emails check out our Mailchimp email marketing guide.

Prior to receiving the Mage RTA in their warehouse, VAPEHAPPY sent an email blast promoting a pre-order special.  After the second shipment came in, they sent a second email alerting customers the product was back in-stock.  After a 3rd shipment arrived, they re-sent the back in-stock email and promoted the new Stainless Steel variant.

If your email list is properly segmented and built the right way – organically grown and populated with contacts that have expressed interest in your company and/or products, as opposed to a purchased email list – they want to hear from you and be notified when there are promotions, and also be made aware that high-demand products are back on the shelves.  While monitoring delivery rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates, it was easy to determine that we weren’t over-doing it with 3 emails about the same product.  In fact, the list was accepting the emails, and they were converting at great rates!

The Best eCommerce Marketing Strategy Gets Repeatable Results

At the end of the day, it’s all about results.  The 6 tips outlined above for a successful eCommerce product launch are repeatable and get consistent results.  Your company should create a product launch checklist that you follow for every big product launch you do.  These 6 tips should obviously be on that checklist, with additional steps added that suit your needs.  Some other examples may include:

  • Sequences of social media posts
  • Product reviews and / or more in-depth video series publishing
  • Pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic to your product page
  • ReMarketing campaigns to follow users around the web and draw them back into your store
  • And any other eCommerce marketing effort that is repeatable, with consistent results.

The end result speaks for itself:

eCommerce Strategy Page 1 Results