Analytics & Testing

The Glowhorn® focus on continual measurement and improvement is what sets us apart.

Our engagements all start with us asking you the simple question:

“What are your Big Wins?”

We then build tracking based on those goals into your marketing strategy, website development, and lead generation investments from the start. And we show you how to use the data to continually evolve and improve your marketing.

In our best client relationships, we’ll soon expand beyond project-specific metrics and analytics. We’ll help you, over time to develop a holistic marketing analytics framework and platform for making data-driven decisions which scales alongside your business.

Glowhorn helps you to evolve your analytics to Advanced Insights (below). It’s at this stage where you’ll receive the major long-term return on your analytics investments.

Glowhorn® Analytics Insight Levels:

1. Basic

(Traffic Attribution)


  • How many people visit my site?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Which pages are most popular?

2. Intermediate

(Lead Attribution)



  • How many visitors convert to leads?
  • Which sources convert to leads best?
  • Which offers convert to leads best?

3. Advanced

(Revenue Attribution)



  • Which sources drive the most revenue?
  • Which offers drive the most revenue?
  • Dollar-for-dollar, where is the best ROI?

Benefits of Advanced Insights

  • Easily spot your most qualified leads and nurture them into sales-ready opportunities
  • Know exactly which online channels drive the most ROI dollar-for-dollar
  • Understand which marketing offers bring the best leads into your funnel
  • Optimize the lead conversion rate on your website and lead pages
  • Improve effectiveness in free channels like organic SEO and social media
  • Lower your cost-per-lead for PPC and Paid Social campaigns
  • Make better and more confident data-driven business decisions

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