Glowhorn® is a marketing and design agency serving small businesses across the United States.

We focus on being a trusted advisor and providing high-quality marketing strategy based on real-time data. Our process is part business strategy and part building marketing systems so you can grow your business.

Our Story

On a summer day, Dave Scalzo and Keith Shiley hiked into the High Sierra and set up camp. The next day they summited a 13 thousand foot peak, and a 14 thousand foot peak the following day, and then packed out.

Upon return, these same two driven adventurers launched Glowhorn.

Glowhorn is a Digital Agency created to help innovative companies reach their peak. In our climbing kit we carry a full set of creative, technology and marketing tools. Between our horns we carry the expertise to use them with precision.

At Glowhorn teamwork and creative problem solving are core.

Once the goal is set, our team works together to understand the opportunities and challenges of the terrain ahead, and map the best course to the destination.

After meeting a challenge, we celebrate our win, and repeat.